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Top 10 Gymming Mistakes

As we enter the gym, seeing people sweating and working like a machine makes us feel fearful of the whole process of losing weight or shaping one’s body. People should know how to properly handle the equipment in the gym and should follow a routine. Following a certain diet or an untimely regimen or improper handling of equipment can give a lot of strain to the body and lead to many accidents to one’s body as well. Seeing too many types of equipment inside a gym, it becomes harder for us to choose one and as a result, we jump from one machine to another. And as a result, this leads to minor mishaps and cause huge setbacks to our body in the long term process. So to get faster results in a shorter time and to make an effective workout regimen, we should keep in mind some rules which are given below:

  1. Skipping the warm up – one must have easy and dedicated warm up exercises to lose weight like lunges, pushups and jumping jacks to exercise the heart. One should always do a warm up exercise no matter how less of a time one has.
  2. Always plan a routine ahead of time – entering the gym without a plan is the same as walking into a shop without a shopping list. This results in back and forth without any result and wasting of precious time. Talking with friends or a trainer will reduce the time.
  3. Doing cardiovascular exercises before the lifting session – doing cardio increases the heart rate. This is a warm up. After this, our body becomes fatigued and can cause injury. Always do lifting first.
  4. Change in the work routine – to reduce boredom, we should always change our work routine like using acute variables such as sets, reps and rest times.
  5. Avoid wasting time – use a stopwatch to limit yourself to under a limit.
  6. Dedicating your time only in the gym – keep aside your other tasks to keep proper concentration and dedication in exercising.
  7. Keep a water bottle – don’t deprive your body of water during exercise. It is important to hydrate the body.
  8. Don’t create a circuit that takes the entire gym – avoid using the entire gym. Create a regimen so that many types of equipment can be used at a time and also reduce time.
  9. Using balance equipment during strength exercise – use those types of equipment that can actually give desired results and keep aside the unnecessary ones.
  10. Keep aside gadgets like mobiles or tabs – when used during exercises, the entire purpose of exercising is left moot.