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Swim and Lose Weight!

Swim and lose weight!

Not long after the big bang, as geographers consider it to be the origin of the planet earth, a group of creatures known as reptiles emerged. The scientists discovered that the organisms had the best swimming skills and could dive in water at a very high speed. As the time evolved, funny species began to emerge. The group wanted to imitate everything and sure enough, they succeeded in developing natural from artificial. They were not meant to be swimmers but they violated the law of nature and conquered the unimaginable. Despite their lack of the basic features of swimming, the human race had compensated the deficiency with skills. They really wanted to feel the soothing nature of the pool water and all the days to them were about practice and perfection.  Within no time, ten golden rules had been invented to help the new babies in the world of water. Poor creatures, they are always curious but the trait might probably make them invisible and this will become the second big bang!

Some principles are:

  1. Ensure the “extensions “of the eyes are always stuck. This means the goggles which make a swimmer look like a cartoon are held for almost an hour. This will ensure they will remain intact throughout the warm-up session and during the real event of swimming.
  2. Since it is a borrowed character, practice in sighting is always relevant. This is done on the fourth lap and the beginner is supposed to check two to three times across the pool and ensure the body is streamlined by not dropping the legs or hips.
  3. To retain the buoyancy, the swimmer should learn to pull straight back and avoid the hand crossing over the centre line at any moment in the stroke.
  4. Since human lacks fins, the basic feature for swimming, it is advisable to purchase an artificial one in order to increase the flexibility of ankle and reduce the crossing over of feet.

All things said it is the best manner of losing weight and burning those extra calories!