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Self-massage and therapies to combat pain in the legs and feet

Self-massage and therapies to combat pain in the legs and feet

To invigorate dissemination, leg rub before we can get a shower and an immediate stream of upstream chilly water for maybe a couple minutes is perfect.

The vast majority have a tendency to spend excessively numerous hours sitting or remaining in their work and schedules thus toward the day’s end, they may feel greatness or torment in the legs and feet.

In this article, we clarify how you can diminish this inconvenience with a few tips and a basic back rub that you can do yourself.

Previous steps to massage

Before a self-massage to relieve pain and discomfort in the legs and feet, we must consider the following steps:

The right time: You must choose a time when you have enough time and you can do it without hurry. One of the best moments is at night, just before bed.

The right place:You ought to rub in a room in which you are quiet and calm and where you can’t be interfered.

You require a smooth or slick item that takes a while to dry or be ingested to move your fingers effortlessly. The most appropriate are almond, coconut or sesame.

On the off chance that we include a couple drops of basic oil of arnica and rosemary, it will influence the advantages to take out agony all the more effortlessly. We can likewise utilize a lotion yet potentially, it will dry all the more effortlessly and you’ll need to re-apply it after a brief time.

Maintain a strategic distance from gels or creams containing liquor as they dissipate too rapidly.