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More intense stimulation

More intense stimulation

The second part of the massage is in the same area, but in this case, we will make more pressure with our fingers so that in some places, we may feel discomfort or pain.

We insist further around the inner edge of the foot, which corresponds to the back (the closer to the fingers above the back), and is an area that is usually the most affected.

Leg massage

Massage for legs and calves also begin from below and we will go up. As we do that in this direction, it improves circulation.

If necessary, we will moist our hands in oil and rub a little with both the hands to make them warm.

We begin with the ankle and we will be ascending to the feet, making circles with our fingers or knuckles.

Then we repeat the journey but with clenched fists, exerting more pressure, and in a straight line to the groin.

We will repeat the exercise in all parts of the leg.

A weekly exfoliation

Another way to get more out of this massage is to once a week, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, promote regeneration and, incidentally, improve circulation and relieve pain more effectively.

While we are in the pre-cold shower, we will use thin or thick sea salt, according to our preference for massaging our legs.

Then we clarify with water and follow the steps above.

The inverted posture

If after this massage, we lay with our legs up or in a vertical position, we contribute to improving circulation and overall relaxation. Furthermore, it is a very suitable position to facilitate sleep.

The lower back should be supported on the ground and our body must create a totally right angle.

We can stay up to half an hour in this position.