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How to thicken thin Hair with a Single Natural Ingredient

How to thicken thin hair with a single natural ingredient

In addition to providing body to fine hair, coconut oil helps to nourish and repair, while giving it shine without conferring fat. Fine hair is the result of the gradual weakening due to stress, environmental abuse and the use of harsh chemicals.

While sometimes it occurs from birth, there are those who suffer from neglect, hormonal imbalances and other factors that directly affect the scalp and hair strands. This not only makes the hair have less volume but also leads to excessive drop, excessive dryness, and sensitivity on the scalp.

It is, therefore, important to support your hair with nutrition and with continued use of revitalizing products that increase their strength and shine. Then we recommend a 100% natural ingredient whose properties thicken the hair without causing unwanted effects.

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To regain strength and volume of fine hair, we recommend an ingredient that has been part of hundreds of alternative cosmetic treatments: organic coconut oil.

This natural product obtained from the coconut meat is composed of medium-chain fatty acids and powerful antioxidants that work better than any other artificial product. Does not contain silicone, it is free of alcohol and its active compounds easily penetrate damaged hair fibers to stimulate repair.

Many are used as an alternative to conventional conditioners because its texture facilitates application and leave a soft feel without disrupting the normal production of fat. Also, it has a high moisturizing power that reduces the presence of dead cells, split ends and other problems associated with excessive dryness.

Given its high content of essential nutrients, it strengthens hair roots, stops the fall and promotes natural and healthy growth. It has antibacterial and antifungal substances that inhibit the growth of fungi and other related organisms. You can combat lice and nits, prevent premature graying and reduce weakness and opaque appearance.