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Find your scent

Find your scent

Below are some of the most used perfumes with essential oils and their health properties:


Floral and relaxing, it has the power to relax our nervous system, combat anxiety, and irritability and promote rest. Many people also get a clean feeling from them.


Feminine, delicate and romantic!


Refreshing and purifying, lemon is excellent for camouflaging the smell of sweat. It also has anti-depressant properties, like all citruses.


Orange is a natural anti-depressant that has the power to give joy and good humor.


Strong and invigorating, many people love patchouli and others do not like anything about it. It is highly recommended to combat fungus and acne.


Refreshing and stimulating, mint regulates fat naturally and is ideal for warm and hot flushes in people.


A stimulant and an aphrodisiac, it gives us energy and a heat sensation. It is also a great diuretic, soothes the pain and stimulates brain activity.


It is exotic oil with a sensual and feminine scent with aphrodisiac properties.


Widely used in perfumes, this scent with a touch of wood gives us serenity and stability.


Citric and very popular as a perfume, it improves mood, concentration, and memory.


Intense and seductive, this oil brings serenity, improves self-esteem, combats anxiety and calms inflammation.

How do we prepare?

Once we have chosen the oil or the essential oils with which we will be perfuming the powder, mix the following amounts:

8 tablespoons of talcum powder (48 g)

5 tablespoons of red clay (50 g)

30 drops of essential oils (total)


We’ll put it all in a glass jar that is comfortable to use. We can choose, for example, a salt shaker and pepper shakers.

A perfume for every moment

If you like different fragrances but do not want to mix them, we recommend that you prepare small amounts in different bottles with different smells. The only important thing is that we follow the proportions indicated above.

Thus, you can have perfumed powders for every moment of the day: most refreshing for hot, more delicate for use in the face and neck, most exciting for a couple of moments, etc.



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