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Benefits of garlic for hair growth

Benefits of garlic for hair growth

In addition to promoting hair growth and strengthening the sulfurous compounds, garlic helps us to fight various infections and fungi such as those that cause dandruff. Garlic is a food with multiple applications in what has to do with gastronomy and natural medicine. Its particular flavor and its high concentration of essential nutrients allow it to stand out as one of the healthiest ingredients for human consumption.

What many people do not imagine is that beyond such important properties, their active substances have amazing health benefits on the hair. In fact, it is an alternative treatment against excessive hair fall and in the long term, promotes natural hair growth without causing side effects. Although its smell is not the most pleasant and remains for several hours, its multiple benefits make it worth incorporating in the beauty routine.

In addition, it is much cheaper than commercial treatments and can be combined with other ingredients that also combat baldness.

It is also effective to prepare it at home for treatments of hair.

Do you dare to try it?

Garlic is packed with essential compounds that after being applied to the scalp stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles and therefore, increase nutrition and oxygenation thereof. Its high concentration of sulphurous substances has yielded positive results in the treatment of excessive hair fall and other common hair disorders like dandruff.

Used several times a week, it not only helps to increase natural growth but promotes brightness and creates a protective barrier against environmental assaults and free radicals. Also, it provides additional vitamins, minerals, and protein to the hair so that it improves their appearance and increases the hair thickness.

Significantly, it is a source of vitamins C, E and B complex, all of which are necessary to treat hair weakness and hair breakage.