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Banana mixture and beer to have fabulous hair

Banana mixture and beer to have fabulous hair

If your hair is weak or has lost its luster, try this mask. It is very easy to prepare and the results are spectacular. Most women aspire to have abundant and strong hair as this has always been recognized as one of the great physical attractions. Some are fortunate enough to keep it in perfect condition without having to make great efforts while others are obliged to seek treatments to strengthen it.

And although there are many ways to take care of them, continued exposure to toxins, the sun and other environmental factors can cause a marked deterioration. Fortunately, there have been designed many cosmetic products that provide nourishment and shine while counteracting the negative effects suffered by the environment.

One of these is to combine multiple properties with the qualities of banana and beer obtaining a complete treatment to revitalize and protect.

The mixture of banana and beer is a natural recipe which aims to restore the shine and softness to damaged hair. Both properties are concentrated ingredients and essential nutrients that fight hair fall, reduce excess fat production and repair damaged threads.

Their combination gives results in a conditioning mask, ideal for relieving dryness and giving the hair a new look.