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8 Natural Home Remedies for Ingrown Fingernail and Toenails

8 Natural Home Remedies for Ingrown Fingernail and Toenails

Ingrown Fingernail is a very common issue. It emerges when the side edge or the fingernail corner starts growing. This results in immense pain and discomfort. This is common on both fingers and toes. Ingrown Fingernail and Toenails are also known as “Onychocryptosis” scientifically.

We are here to list out remedies for the ingrown fingernail.

Causes of Ingrown Fingernail/Toenails

  1. Uncomfortable shoes which are very tight.
  2. Not trimming nails correctly.
  3. Any injuries or accidents
  4. Excessive jogging or walking/running.
  5. Natural way of them being curved

Diabetic and people with poor circulation of blood are mainly seen facing this issue.

Symptoms of Ingrown Fingernail/Toenails

  1. Swelling of the Fingernail
  2. Redness around that area
  3. Pain and discomfort in the ingrown fingernail
  4. Water coming out in case ingrown fingernail infection stays and is not treated properly.
  5. Blood is seen in and around that area if the infection increases

Below listed are the top 10 natural ways of treating the ingrown fingernail. These are most recommended tips for ingrown fingernail treatment that you can be followed in order to get rid of an ingrown fingernail and prevent any infection.

  1. LukeWarm Water

This tip from the natural ingrown fingernail treatment will give you immediate peace and will also help you significantly relieving the pain and swelling.

  • Put some warm water into a jar/glass/bucket or a tub.
  • Put your fingers into the tub and please soak for about 20
  • Repeat this instruction for each finger
  • Practice 4 – 5 times per day.

2. Cotton Balls

This is a simple step which can be performed right after the usage of Warm water. After soaking in warm water as part of Step#1 for ingrown fingernail, you can put a cotton swab or cotton cloth or cotton ball underneath the ingrown fingernail so that it can get a direction and could grow outward. This will also pacify the pain and discomfort. Also, it will help you lessen the pain as well swelling will reduce for the ingrown fingernail.

  • After soaking in warm water, use a soft and clean towel/napkin to dry your fee
  • To lift up the ingrown fingernail inserts a pair of blunt tweezers and keep a cotton piece underneath it.
  • Replace the cotton every time the fingers are soaked to avoid infection.

Please note that initially, the pain will be there due to swell. Later it will reduce slowly. Do not push the cotton very deeper into the swollen skin.

3. Epsom Salt

This ingredient from the list of natural ingrown fingernail treatment will help you soften the in and out of your surrounding skin of the ingrown fingernail so that the ingrown fingernail can be taken out much easier. In addition, Epsom salt can even pacify the inflammation.

  • Put a teaspoon of Epsom salt into the glass of warm water.
  • Put your fingers into the warm water and let it soak for about 15
  • Then dry your fingers with a dry clean towel/napkin.
  • Practice 4 – 5 times per week.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

This excellent ingredient is used in the natural ingrown fingernail treatment due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. Also, the mildly acidic nature helps in treating infection in the best possible manner.

  • Put 2 spoons of apple cider and water in the same amount into the tub together. Put your fingers into the tub and soak them for about 15 Please dry your feet meticulously.
  • Also you can use the cotton ball to soak some apple cider vinegar and put it onto the ingrown fingernail. Use a band-aid to cover the affected area for few hours before removing.
  • Practice all or either of these methods above for 4 – 5 times every day.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

This disinfectant is really helpful in alleviating and hence lessens the infection risk with reduced pain. This act is an essential component of the natural ingrown fingernail treatment.

  • Put half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the tumbler/glass of lukewarm water.
  • Put your fingers into the water and soak for about 15
  • Practice 2 – 3 times every day.

6. Turmeric

This compound from turmeric is assumed to act as an incredible natural ingrown fingernail treatment due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. Inflammation and pain are reduced to an extent from an ingrown fingernail.

  • Make a paste from mustard oil and 1 tsp of turmeric powder. Apply the paste onto the ingrown fingernail and cover it using a band-aid.
  • Practice 3 – 4 times every day for couples of day.
  • Also use any antibiotic cream which contains curcumin in its ingredients to put on the ingrown fingernail before covering with a band-aid.
  • Practice 2 – 3 times every day.
  • Turmeric can also be consumed in milk. This can be done every day depending upon your intake. Otherwise weekly twice should be good.

7. Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil is assumed to be highly regarded among the natural ingrown fingernail treatment because of its antiseptic effect.

  • Put few drops of tea tree oil into a container of any other carrier oil like coconut or olive oil.
  • Then put the mixed oil onto the ingrown fingernail before covering using band-aid.
  • Practice 2 times every day.
  • Along with tea tree oil, you can also use oregano or lavender oil.

Note: In case, there is irritation from applying the essential oil, stop the application immediately.

8. Trim Correctly

Nails should always be trimmed straight as well as please avoid making a curved shape for the nails. Let them grow naturally and apply a cream or a moisturizer once you have trimmed your nails to avoid any kind of infection. Also, make sure to start trimming from the edges and never from the middle. Prevent sharp edges to be cut. Use a high-quality trimmer or clipper. Keep the length of your fingernails moderate. Don’t cut them too short or too edgy.

Please note: If you have any sort of medical conditions that does not allow you to trim or cut your nails; please take some professional help.